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Atlanta's Pottery Center
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Massey's Machines by Andrew Massey

February 24, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen, forget the World Fair, Massey Machines will be the most amazing show of the century! Housed in the MudFire Pavillions, these unique and incredible items will also be on display here from February 24 through March 18, 2012.

You will be able to view the daguerrotypes of the entire exposition in preview mode shortly. To claim these magical mechanisms for yourself, you must return to this exact location at Noon on February 24 or you may take your coach-and-four directly to the MudFire Pavillions.

To meet the Great Massey in person, please plan to attend the reception from 5-9pm on Friday, February the 24th. Great merriment will be made! Recommended by eminent physicians and scientists!

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Show Dates
February 24 - March 18, 2012
Reception February 24, 5-9 pm
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More About Massey's Machines by Andrew Massey

We traveled throughout 19th century Victorian England to track down the mysterious inventor they call... Andrew Massey. It wasn't easy. But finally, there, in an unassuming brick-walled factory with oddly chilled air, we encountered his complex machines that poured tea, quartz vessels that held boiling water, equipment made of strangest copper on earth, riveted together with bolts of silica... Ripped from the pages of science fiction, seated at a gearless, self-propelled turning machine, we were finally face to face with the man himself. Upon his head, a complex helmet of steam pipes, in his hands the strange tools of alchemy, a close personal friend of Captain Nemo himself, Mr. Massey agreed to speak with us of the future.

For the sake of science, we requested that he bring his vessels to the twenty-first century for the delight and education of the masses. Quite surprisingly, he agreed and immediately set out to fine-tune the transporter. The machine was round, only about three feet tall, encased in shiny metal. It grew incredibly hot as the numerical display blinked through dates. We panicked briefly as we traveled past 2012, but once we reached 2228 our forward momentum slowed and quite marvelously, we landed exactly as intended.

These amazing items will be on display at the MudFire Pavillions from February 24 through March 18, 2012. The advantages of these unique items are:

They promote health and invigorate the system by bringing all the VITAL ORGANS into INSPIRITING ACTION.

They act directly upon the CIRCULATION and prevent STAGNATION OF THE LIVER.

They are a complete cure for STOUTNESS, HYSTERIA and GOUT.

Come see for yourself.