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Atlanta's Pottery Center
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Atlanta's Pottery Center.

MudFire is not just another pottery school. We are an open playground for imaginative adults. We are inspired by people like you who know there's more to life than meetings, budgets and deadlines. Who believe in making things by hand and don't mind getting dirty. You need a place to get away from it all.

To be creative. Work with your hands. Be social. Meditate. Learn. Make Something.

We hope you can visit soon to shop, get inspired, and keep learning. We've got a lot of options. Have fun looking around!

This is the Place.

If you've ever dreamed of having your own art studio, MudFire is for you. We don't have scheduled classes because we know your life is already as scheduled as it can be. If you haven't touched clay since the third grade, we'll be happy to give you lessons in throwing, handbuilding or glazing whenever you come in. If you are a practiced potter, you'll appreciate our spacious work areas, top of the line Brent and Shimpo wheels and slab roller, our huge selection of glazes, and our regular firing schedule. Everything you need is right here. Come during your lunch hour. After work. After dinner. Bring your mom, your friends, your co-workers. Have fun!

MudFire is an open studio, with occasional workshops and a gallery of inspirational work.